Getting Pregnant At The Age of 42-A Guide

When you have been trying to conceive for years without success, you may have concluded that it will never happen. However, all is not lost as it could be something about your sex life that you need to change. Once you rectify what you have been doing wrongly, you will get pregnant at forty.

Though you might doubt whether you are fertile enough at this age, you can take Vitamin C. If it is taken in the right amounts, then it will increase the cervical fluid which is essential as it carries the sperms to the cervix then up to the uterus where the feminine egg is located. If the quality of the cervical fluid is not good, then the sperm will die along the way before it gets it gets to the uterus. As you take the vitamin C, be careful not to exceed the right amount. If you take too much vitamin C, it will actually reduce your ability to get pregnant at 40.This is because excess vitamin C in the body will dry up the cervical liquid. Get the facts about  Rimanere incinta a 42 anni  see this.

At this age, it might be possible that you and your partner be taking some medications. Some of them could be interfering with your ability to conceive. You should seek the help of your physician who will be able to inform you to decide if you will continue with the medication or need to change the medicine that you have been taking. Medications that are taken by people with persistent conditions like gout, blood pressure and inflammatory bowel infection are known to reduce the chances to get pregnant at 40 can even cause infertility. After sexual intercourse, the sperms might not have got to the uterus so do not go for a shower immediately.

Other medical risks include increased opportunities for caesarean section, stillbirth, premature delivery, fetal growth lock in the uterus, increased blood pressure due to pregnancy, gestational diabetes, proteinuria (appearance of proteins in the urine which a doctor checks on the laboratory result of urine). May be accompanied by other signs and symptoms such as edema (swelling), visual disturbances, headache and pain, placenta Previa, in the last case the mother must rest and the delivery is ending with Caesarean section. Women over 40 year, who have chronic health disorders, are in poor physical condition or overweight, are more likely to have problems during pregnancy. If a woman gave birth at an earlier time, during the 40th and 44th year increases the likelihood of problems with hemorrhoids, breast, bones, high blood pressure, etc. Physicians therefore advice exercises to strengthen pelvic floor and other exercises to strengthen the lower torso. With the conception in the late thirties or in the early forties is increasing the chance of having twins (or triplets). Over the years are the eggs getting lower quality and the body reacts to that so, that it releases in a single ovulation more eggs simultaneously. Nevertheless, the likelihood of multiple pregnancies is still very small.