Cost of the local marketing vault – Chronicles

For the past few years, we’ve never seen or heard anything new in local advertising. Most businesses have been accustomed to using yellow pages for their basic local marketing needs. Though it’s popular and has been effective ever since it has been used, it’s slowly losing its spark and will most likely be worthless in the next couple of years. With this in mind, it’s just right for you to look for other ways to advertise your business.

As what we’ve said a while ago, yellow pages are starting to go to oblivion. This isn’t in any way trying to take away credit from the big yellow book but trends aren’t just going in favor with them. People are more inclined to use the internet, more specifically the search engines to look for the information that they need. And with search engines upgrading their system from time to time, it’s close to reality that all the information that you need will be available in the “net”. Learn more at

With these things happening in the horizon, it’s logical that we look for marketing methods that involve the internet. Luckily, this aggressive upgrading that the search engines have been doing for some time now has led to the development of a local marketing strategy. Dubbed as local search marketing, it’s expected to take over the lion’s share of what yellow pages have been doing to our businesses right now.

In essence, it’s just like our good old yellow pages subscriptions, you get a pretty nice space in the web with all the information that every user should need to get to your shop. But of course, there are a few upgrades that you’ll appreciate such as geo tagging which basically gives you an outline using a satellite image to where exactly your shop is.

But what seriously seals the deal for local search marketing is the fact that it could come for free. While ad spaces for yellow pages comes with a hefty price (specially if you’ll go with one page advertisements), local search marketing comes for free. This is very much appreciated because most local businesses don’t have all the money to spend for serious advertising.